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Smart Home Security Devices Might Get You Insurance Discounts

No one typically enjoys getting insurance of any sort. There is a lot of fine print to read through and much of it can be confusing. That’s where our ONIT Insurance broker’s come in. We find you the best deal and most discounts possible to make sure you are covered for everything that you need to be at the fairest price possible. Did you know that your Smart Home Security Devices and thermostats might actually earn you a discount on your home insurance?

Most homeowners will invest in some sort of Smart Home Security system, as well as, a Smart Thermostat at some point in their life. Not only does this help deter break-ins, monitor your home inside and out but it may also help with fire protection… and insurance companies have taken notice.

Currently, over 35 million homes in the United States are considered “smart homes” in 2020 and this is projected to continue growing. Home insurance agencies and utility companies have recognized the increase of usage when it comes to smart devices. The benefits of using these devices include increased safety and decreased energy usage, so many home insurance companies are beginning to offer special discounts, rebates, and deals for homeowners who use smart devices.

There are several ways you can save when using smart devices in your home. The type of offer depends on your insurance company, the type of device you own, and where you purchase the device. Here are a few types of smart home discounts your insurance or utility company may offer:

Some insurance companies offer exclusive deals with certain smart device partners for their customers. In addition to deals on devices, your company may offer free or discounted installation. Our partner company ONIT Smart Home is able to provide free installation, free equipment, and discounted rates when you sign up for service. Every system is monitored by Brinks Home Security. Learn more by clicking here.

You may also get a discount through the Demand Response Programs. These are voluntary programs that help consumers reduce their energy usage during peak hours. With smart home technology, some utility companies have an app that will alert you when peak hours are and allow you to turn off your devices. Other companies let you opt-in for them to do this for you. The goal is to reduce overall energy usage when it is in high demand. Participants can expect things like discounts and rebates as rewards. Some companies only offer these discounts if the smart device used is purchased through them, so ask your company how you can qualify. Discounts on insurance premiums: Some companies offer discounts if your home is equipped with smart devices.

To learn more about getting discounts from your insurance agency for making your home smarter, call ONIT Insurance Group at 18006102134 or visit for a free quote.

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