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Is Flood Insurance Included in Homeowners Insurance?

I don’t have any good news when it comes to answering this question: Is Flood Insurance Included in Homeowners Insurance? The short answer is unfortunately no.

With Hurricane season here, you need to make sure that you are currently covered in the event that your home may be flooded. Here are some fast facts for you if you live in a high-risk flood area:

  • Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

  • There is a 26% chance of experiencing a flood during the life of a 30-year mortgage, compared to a four percent chance of fire.

  • 25-30% of all flood losses occur in low- to moderate-risk zones.

So why isn’t it covered in your homeowner’s insurance policy?

It’s partly because every homeowner doesn’t necessarily need coverage. However, people living in high-risk flood zones certainly need flood insurance. Those who don’t live in those areas are strongly urged to consider purchasing a plan. (We can help you with that.)

Homeowner’s policies do not cover flood damage if your home is filled with water as a result of external rising bodies of water from heavy rains, hurricanes, lakes, rivers, streams, etc.

To fill this coverage gap, you would need to purchase a flood policy through one of the following options:

  • A National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), government program managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). You can find more info at

  • A Private flood policy through a standard insurance company (non-government program)

  • Add flood coverage to your homeowner’s policy via an endorsement (this option may or may not be available, depending on the insurer and/or product)

Flood insurance covers losses directly caused by flooding. In simple terms, a flood is an excess of water on land that is normally dry, affecting two or more acres of land or two or more properties.

Damage caused by a sewer backup is covered under a flood policy if the backup is a direct result of flooding. If the sewer backup is not caused directly by flooding, the damage is not covered. You would need to make sure your homeowner’s policy includes “Water backup” coverage for sewer backup damage that is NOT a direct result of flooding.

We know that the fine print can get confusing. So please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make this process as seamless as possible for the coverage of your needs!


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