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Bundle Insurance Options

ONIT Insurance Group will provide you with every option to insure your home & auto, including BUNDLED insurance packages. From your car, home and even your family's financial well-being, you have a lot to protect. Having a single insurance provider may be the right choice for you and will save you money. Read more to learn about all of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you bundle your insurance through ONIT Insurance Group.


Bundling insurance means that you’re buying multiple types of insurance policies such as your car, home, rental, umbrella, life, boat or even an RV, all from one insurance provider. What this means for you is savings, convenience and a streamlined insurance process. ONIT Insurance Group works with nationwide providers and local insurance companies, to ensure you always get the best deals on bundled packages.

Why Should You Bundle?

You can receive monthly and annual discounts - the best benefit is the money you save. Whether you bundle your auto and homeowners insurance, motorcycle and renters insurance, or your life insurance and RV, you can take advantage of our multi-product discount and save on your premium.

Simplified Claims Process:

Should the unthinkable happen and cause damage to more than one of your belongings, you won’t have to call multiple numbers. We can begin restoring everything at once. At ONIT Insurance Group, our claims department is designated 24/7, to helping you get your life back on track.

While it can be difficult to track your renewal dates when you have multiple policies with different providers, when you bundle, you’ll just have one date to be concerned about. We make it easier to access and view your premiums and policy information, all in one spot. It’s quick and easy to manage your insurance and pay all of your policies at once.

How to pick the best Bundle Package?

Call ONIT Insurance Group. We will work with you to find the coverage you need at a price you can afford, and with a bundled insurance package, get it all in a single statement! Call today: 469-498-0152


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